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Renewable Energy


Puget Sound Pipe & Supply is fully committed to long-term sustainability, and addressing the needs of today while ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.

We know that our future will be shaped by renewable energy solutions, and are working with our top tier manufacturing partners to bring the same 100+ years of experience and product knowledge to these new age energy solutions. From hydrogen fuel production to solar, and hydroelectric to wind energy, PSP and our premier manufacturers have you covered. One of our favorite projects to date explored the use of turning algae into biofuel!

We are also a key supplier to Geothermal projects all over North America, and have the ability to reach far off locations including Hawaii and the Aleutian islands.   

It doesn’t matter how standard or futuristic your renewable energy project is, partnering with Puget Sound Pipe and Supply for your piping needs allows us to bring over 100 years of expertise to your build and design.

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