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The countdown is on: “Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act” becomes effective January 4, 2014, and distributors, engineers, contractors and code officials all need to start preparing now. To facilitate a smooth transition, The Get the Lead Out Plumbing Consortium is in place and ready to get you ready.

The Consortium, a cross section of the plumbing industry comprised of leading trade associations and manufacturers, is offering a variety of resources that will help you prepare for this new law. The law makes it illegal to sell or install pipe, fittings, and fixtures in applications that convey water for human consumption that have a weighted average lead content exceeding 0.25% (the previous national standard was 8.0% maximum).

To promote understanding of the compliance and the new law, the Consortium has developed a comprehensive website. Visit it today, and get all the facts, including:

  • Interpretation and enforcement issues related to the new law.
  • Information about Lead Free products, basis for Lead Free product selection and compliance and material factors impacting the ability to solder Lead Free alloys effectively and solder-flux considerations.
  • Upcoming training opportunities at industry meetings.
  • Step by step action plans for distributors, engineers, contractors and code officials on how to prepare for the Federal Lead Free law.

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