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GF Harvel vinyls product line

GF_3015C   GF Piping Systems is a leading provider of high-quality piping systems products, offering thermoplastic, corrosion-resistant piping systems in PVC and CPVC: pipe, fittings, and valves. GF valves come in ball, butterfly, and diaphragm body styles, as well as check valves, pressure-regulating valves, tee valves, and other specialty valves.
GF Piping Systems in Tustin, California, is the sales, marketing and logistics organization for GF products in the U.S. In addition, GF provides our customers with a wide range of value-add capabilities through the Custom Products group. Located minutes from the scenic Orange County coastline, GF offers customer and technical support, a world class fusion machine service department, valve and actuation assembly, heat exchanger fabrication and a Class 10,000 clean room.
  PVC family
Type 546 ball valve   In addition to the sales office, GF has seven manufacturing locations and two distribution warehouses across the US, ensuring that product delivery to customers is always on time.
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