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January 20th, 2020

Buy America(n) Commonly Asked Questions

How do I know which Buy America(n) act is applicable to my job?

Most master contracts will list the applicable government regulations in the verbiage. Most often they will be under a FARS (Federal Acquisition Regulation) or U.S.C (code of laws of the United States of America) heading. The most common clauses to look for will be 48 CFR § 52.225 (Buy American) or 41 U.S.C. 10a-10d (Buy America). If you have any questions, please reach out to the PSP Quality Department and we will help you find the verbiage in your contract or provide you with the tools to ask for it.   

What information do I need to provide when requesting a quote or ordering to make sure the material will meet my Buy America(n) requirements?

When contacting PSP for a quote or placing an order, please flow down the Buy America(n) clause that is applicable to your job. Your PSP sales representative will take care of the rest and ask you any questions necessary to make sure we are meeting your contract needs. If you let us know the clause that is applicable to your job when we are setting up the job account, we will add it to the permanent notes in our computer system. This way, if you forget to include it on an RFQ or order, your PSP representative will see the note and make sure to confirm it with you. 

How will PSP demonstrate to me that the material ordered meets the Buy America(n) requirements of my Purchase Order?

Puget Sound Pipe and Supply will send an CMTR (Certified Material Test Report) showing the country of origin for all items on your order. This certificate is traceable back to the individual manufacturing lot of the item we have supplied on your order.  If a CMTR is not available for the items that you are purchasing, the PSP Quality Department will send a Certificate of Conformance instead. 

If your contract requires any specific paperwork to be documented or signed by the supplier, please send it along with your RFQ or order, and will make sure it is sent along with the CMTRS at the time of shipment.

Luckily, PSP maintains the CMTRs for all items that move through our warehouse.  If you forgot to ask for the documentation with your order, please contact PSP Quality and provide the item description and heat number, and we will send it right over!

What if one of the manufacturers required cannot meet the delivery of my project? How can PSP help me get another manufacturer approved?

Request a waver depending on nonavailability. The following documentation is necessary to demonstrate the available quantity and quality of the material:

• Supplier information or pricing information indicating availability/delivery date for materials.

• Description of the process for identifying suppliers and a list of contacted suppliers.

• Project schedule (timeline).

• Relevant excerpts from the project plans, qualifications and permits indicating required quantity and quality of materials.

• Statement from the prime contractor confirming the non-availability of domestic construction materials.

What if PSP cannot meet the requirements of the Buy America(n) Act for the material that i need?

If Puget Sound Pipe and Supply is unable to find material that meets the Buy America(n) requirement of your job, we will notify you at the time of quote. We will issue a Memo on our letterhead explaining why that item is not available, and what our proposed alternate would be. 

A good example would be some Cast Steel valves that are not available as 70% melt and manufactured in the USA (Buy America). In this case, we would offer a domestic Buy American option (50% domestic) or melted and manufactured in a NFTA country, along with a memo for you to provide to your customer asking for a waiver. PSP is not able to apply for the waiver for you if the material is not available, but we will provide all information you will need to apply for the waiver per your contract. 

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